Futurist Bob Treadway Biography

Bob Treadway

Bob Treadway's work as a futurist, speaker, consultant, and strategy advisor began when clients asked him to develop forecasts to present in advance of his strategic planning consultation and facilitation. Clients in a wide cross-section of industries listened to his counsel that they could not just "invent the future" - they needed to anticipate, prepare, strategize, and act on the factors that they could not control.

24 years later his work continues. But it has broadened and deepened into a futurist practice that extends to multiple countries, several continents, dozens of industries, and several hundred client organizations.

Clients like Berkshire Hathaway, Motorola, the Federal Reserve, Gillette, ExxonMobil, Hilton, American Express, Syngenta, the National Corn Growers Association, and the National League of Cities retain Bob to help develop long-range thinking, forecast the environments of tomorrow, form robust strategy, and take action on what's ahead.

His broad perspective comes through work with hundreds of clients in a broad range of industries and fields including telecommunications, technology, manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, energy, financial services, distribution, retail, economic development, executive education, professional services, and government in the Americas and Europe.

Bob possesses a unique ability to integrate forecasts for effective strategy development. Most of his practice is executive sessions with directors and top management in think tank, brainstorming, future visioning, decision-making, and strategic planning projects.

He's called on for forecasting briefings for a wide range of organizations and industries but participants most often comment on the take-away, hands-on instruction that allows them to become better forecasters on their own. As one executive put it recently, "Your workshop, in just one short hour, helped (us) with HOW to think about (our) businesses in the future."

He has been a guest lecturer and faculty for executive education sessions at the University of California Berkeley, Lethbridge College, Loyola, Illinois State, Oregon State and Kansas State Universities. His 20-year tenure on the faculty of the Institute for Management Studies educated thousands of Fortune 500 managers. He is a member of the Association of Professional Futurists, a charter member of the Society for the Advancement of Consulting, and was awarded the National Speakers Association's highest earned designation as a Certified Speaking Professional

Before moving into futuring, forecasting, speaking, and consulting, Bob was an executive and principal in the broadcasting industry. His background includes career segments as an engineer, college professor, software marketing executive, business broker, and advertising agency principal. He was educated in Europe and the U.S. in engineering, liberal arts, broadcasting, future studies, and communications.