Helping clients see around the corner for 34 years
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Helping clients see around the corner for 34 years

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Bob Treadway

Bob Treadway is a globally-praised advisor on forecasting, strategy, and leadership development. He is a busy conference speaker and strategic planning advisor and facilitator. His leadership teaching focuses on anticipation and foresight that leads to even better decisions and robust action. He serves as top-rated leadership faculty for industry programs in financial services, agriculture, food, telecommunications, information security, audit, and government. His strategy and conference clients include Berkshire Hathaway, Gillette, Motorola, Hilton, the Social Security Administration, US Gypsum, National League of Cities, the National Corn Growers Association, the Institute for Management Studies and eight North American universities where he’s been adjunct faculty and lecturer.

What We Do

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Keynotes, general sessions, breakouts, education sessions, seminars, emcee/summarizer, and panel participant/conductor. Bob's done them all in over 30 years as a sought-after presenter. See examples, titles, formats in more depth.
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It's what took Bob into the futures field. A major part of our practice is helping clients understand the future, make smarter choices, and map robust strategy. Get an idea of options, scope, approaches, and our repertoire from over 40 years of strategic planning.
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We teach leaders how to see around corners. Clients in financial services, agriculture, education, manufacturing, government, accounting, health, and high tech engage Bob to develop their leaders anticipation, foresight, and strategic ability.